Junior Golf Academy

Marangaroo Golf Course offers several junior golf programs for boys and girls of all ages and abilities. Read more about our program options and stay tuned for further updates.

Why Us?

The junior golf academy programs and coaching structure are specifically designed for identifying and nurturing tomorrow’s future champions. We understand that the early stages of a child’s motor skills development are the most critical, which is why our programs are designed to nurture all aspects of your child’s development.

It is essential to know that boys and girls acquire different skills at different times in their lives. Areas such as strength and speed, along with the development of specific motor skills, need to be considered to design a program that creates successful golfers and enhances their transition into adult life.

Ideally, we will have classes with kids of matching ability and age groups, but with people having different timetables through other commitments, there may be exceptions to this rule. If demand is there, extra classes may be added to accommodate everyone.

Term 3 2024

Term Class $160.00 per student

Days Ages Dates and Times Avail
Monday 7-10 22nd July - 9th September 4-5PM 1 spot
Wednesday 7-10 24th July - 11th September 4-5PM 1 spot
Saturday 7-10 27th July - 14th September 9-10AM 6 spots
Saturday 11-14 27th July - 14th September 10-11AM FULL
Saturday 7-14 27th July - 14th September 1-2PM (GIRLS ONLY) 4 spots
* Classes are limited to a maximum of 8 students

Term 3 School Holiday 2024

Holiday Program $80 per student

Days Ages Dates and Times Avail
Monday & Tuesday 7-14 23rd & 24th September 1:30 - 3:30PM  YES
* Classes are limited to a maximum of 8 students

Term 4 2024

Term Class $160.00 per student

Days Ages Dates and Times Avail
Monday 7-10 21st October - 9th December 4-5PM YES
Wednesday 7-10 23rd October - 11th December 4-5PM YES
Saturday 7-10 26th October - 14th December 9-10AM YES
Saturday 11-14 26th October - 14th December 10-11AM YES
Saturday 7-14 26th October - 14th December 1-2PM (GIRLS ONLY) YES
* Classes are limited to a maximum of 8 students

Junior Golf Programs

School Holiday Classes

During the School Holidays we will be running a junior clinic. The clinic runs over two days with two hours of coaching on each day. Please note that all equipment will be provided. These clinics are suitable for ages 7-14. Bookings are essential.

Term Programs

Term classes at Marangaroo Golf Course are designed to take the young golfers through the grip, set up and hitting the ball. Putting, chipping and driving is also covered in a fun environment. Please note that these classes are for ages 7-14, unless otherwise specified.

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