Resident Golf Professionals

PGA Professionals at Marangaroo Golf Course

Marangaroo Golf Course hosts a team of PGA accredited Golf professionals passionate about helping you improve your game! Whether you are a novice golfer just starting your journey, or a seasoned veteran looking to shave a couple of shots off your score, our PGA professionals will be able to help! Learn more about each of our resident PGA Pros below.

Phil Blanchard - PGA Professional

Introducing Phil Blanchard, a passionate golfer who embarked on his golfing journey at the age of 10, setting the stage for a lifelong love affair with the game. At just 14 years old, Phil's fascination with golf intensified, propelling him to join a prestigious private club and obtain his first handicap.

Phil's exceptional talent soon became evident as he achieved remarkable success, triumphing in several competitions and securing two coveted club championships at Lakelands Country Club. Inspired by his early victories, Phil decided to pursue a career in golf and embarked on his PGA apprenticeship in 1991 at the esteemed Royal Perth Golf Club.

Upon completing his PGA Traineeship, Phil sought new horizons and found himself at the exclusive Lake Karrinyup Country Club. Here, he immersed himself in the daily operations of the pro shop, working closely with the head professional to provide exceptional service to members and guests.

After a decade at Lake Karrinyup, Phil transitioned to Marangaroo Golf Course, where his focus shifted towards his true passion—teaching, club repairs, and club fitting. Phil derives immense joy from helping his students improve their skills, and he takes great pride in ensuring they have the correct equipment tailored to their game, enhancing their overall enjoyment on the course. Whether working with beginners or advanced players of any age, Phil finds true fulfillment in witnessing the sheer delight on a student's face after they strike a remarkable shot.

Join Phil at Marangaroo Golf Course and embark on a golfing journey where passion meets expertise. Allow Phil to guide you toward unlocking your full potential and discovering the immense satisfaction that comes with mastering the game of golf.

Troy Crimmin - PGA Professional

Meet Troy Crimmin, a lifelong golfer whose journey with the game began at the tender age of 8. Even back then, he would spend countless hours at the local driving range, fine-tuning his skills and nurturing his deep passion for golf. Now, more than 20 years later, Troy's love for the sport continues to burn brightly.

Troy is a certified PGA Professional, having completed his training at Hamersley Golf Course in 2019. A member of the coaching team at Marangaroo Golf Course, he plays an active role in advancing the skills of junior golfers through engaging clinics and introductory programs. Troy's dedication to nurturing young talent is unmatched, and his enthusiasm for helping aspiring junior golfers discover their potential is evident.

In addition to his work with junior golfers, Troy is also well-versed in private coaching, club fitting, and all other responsibilities that come with being a PGA professional. With his extensive knowledge in exercise and biomechanical analysis, he provides tailored and individualised services to golfers of all levels. Troy's keen understanding of the physical aspects of the game allows him to enhance performance and optimize the overall experience for his students.

Join Troy at Marangaroo Golf Course and experience his unwavering commitment to the sport. Whether you're a junior golfer taking your first swing or an experienced player looking to improve your game, Troy is dedicated to helping you reach your full potential on the greens.

Ethan Andrews - PGA Professional

Introducing Ethan Andrews, a passionate golfer whose love for the game ignited when he became a member of Lakelands Country Club at the age of 15. Since then, Ethan's dedication to golf has been unwavering, culminating in the completion of his PGA Traineeship in 2019.

Throughout his traineeship, Ethan's commitment and skill earned him notable accolades, including 2 Order of Merit Awards and the prestigious Trainee of the Year title. In his final year, he was honored to be appointed Trainee Captain within the W.A. region, showcasing his leadership qualities and dedication to the golfing community. Ethan's exceptional golfing abilities also granted him the opportunity to compete on the Australasia Tour during the years 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Driven by his level-headed nature, Ethan took on the role of Golf Operations Manager at Joondalup Resort, where he efficiently managed all aspects of the golfing experience for members and guests. Seeking new avenues to pursue his passion for coaching and club fitting, Ethan has recently joined Marangaroo Golf Course, where he now focuses on honing his skills as a coach and expert club fitter.

When Ethan isn't on the driving range, dedicating himself to teaching and perfecting his own game, you'll find him in the Pro Shop, readily offering his advice and expertise with a warm and friendly smile. His genuine passion for the sport and his desire to help others improve their game make him a valued presence both on and off the course.

Join Ethan at Marangaroo Golf Course and experience his exceptional coaching abilities, expert club fitting services, and genuine enthusiasm for the game of golf. With Ethan by your side, you'll receive personalised guidance and a friendly demeanor that will enhance your golfing journey and make every step of the way enjoyable.

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