Social Clubs & Groups at Marangaroo Golf Course

We Welcome All Social Clubs and Groups

Marangaroo Golf Course is a thriving hub for the local community. We welcome ladies' groups, men’s groups, youth groups and just about any other club or group of people who share a desire to enjoy a great conversation over a game of golf. Our goal is to balance access to social golfers in our community who like to play for the fun of it, and also competition golfers who strive to win!

Marangaroo Golf Course is home to a number of social clubs that play on a weekly basis. If you're interested in joining a social club, please see our list of social groups and their contact details below. Social Groups are able to book up to a maximum of 10 Groups (40 players).

Marangaroo Ladies Golf Club

Our golf season runs from March to November, but many of our members play in an informal summer competition during the following months. In addition to our club competitions during the year, our members also play in competitions run by Golf WA and by the League.

On the third Tuesday in November we have an end-of-season lunch and presentation of prizes and trophies to our competition winners during the year.

Our normal club starting time is 7.30am each Tuesday and the course operator provides us with 8-10 group bookings. The number of group bookings can vary according to the seasons and weather and our starting time can also vary from 7.00am to 8.00 am, depending on time of year and course conditions. We maintain good and open communication with the course operator and variations to starting times and group bookings always occur in concert with management.

We are a friendly group of ladies and welcome new members as we currently have a few vacancies. 

Bronwyn Fraser
Phone: 0438 124 096

Marangaroo Seniors Golf Club

The aims of a golf club such as ours which is open to all prospective men/ladies over the age of fifty-five (55) is to promote the game of golf for the benefit and enjoyment of members, and secondly to be pro active in promoting friendship, goodwill, and fellowship amongst club members.

The club is active for the full twelve months. Play is every Thursday commencing with the first tee off time of 7.30am.

There is also a pre- arranged fixture for the year with various competitions and novelty games in the mix. The club is split into two grades dependant on handicap. “A” grade up to and including 18, and the remainder “B” grade.

Don Moore Phone: 0403 088 496 Email:


Marangaroo’s Bushwackers Golf Club was established in 2005. We play in all weather Wednesdays and Fridays with seasonal tee-off times ranging  from 7:00 to 8:00am. 
We are a non-profit incorporated organisation and welcome players of all ages and capabilities. The majority of our members are seniors. 
We run handicap based club competition games all year with a short break over the festive season. Directly following each club game, we announce the day’s winner, runner ups and novelty competition recipients.
Our two major playing events are the Winter and Summer Cups each determined over two games. Our annual membership fee is minimal ($25) and Competition / Ball fee is $5 each game.
Try us out. We are a friendly group of likeminded competitors.


John Najar
Phone: 0402 178 537

Western Pirates Golf Club

Perry Vitale
Phone: 0426 848 255

Northern Suburbs Vets Golf Club


We are welcome to all men over 55 and woman over 50 with a long standing at Marangaroo Golf course.
Our club plays 9 holes every Tuesday morning rain hail or shine (excluding public holidays) and cater to all abilities from beginner to experienced players.
The term veterans does not signify military only!

Ben Franklin
Phone: 0426 675 513

Carine Golf Club

Peter Dearle 
Phone: 0403 606 945


Clubs Timetable

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Marangaroo Seniors Golf Club       08:00am    
Marangaroo Ladies Golf Club   08:00am        
Bushwackers     08:00am   08:00am  
Western Pirates Golf Club             
Northern Suburbs Vets Golf Club   07:00am        
Carine Golf Club   10:00am        

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